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You Are Not Your Story

You are not your story.

I made this video when I first started the Six Figure Mentor (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) educational program and I must say, it makes me smile today. I remember this day very clearly as I wanted to learn faster than I could take all of the information in! Hence, this video. When I get into something where I am enjoying the journey, I fight myself into not skipping steps. This day, I wanted everything to just be done! LOL When I “try” too hard, I have to watch myself, or I’ll get a bit down.

I do refer in this video to author, Pema Chodron who in her book Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears, Pema gives some practical steps on how to get yourself out of what might be holding you back and might have been holding you back for several years, but we weren’t or are not presently aware of what exactly it is that keeps us “stuck” or “hooked”.

It is important to understand that you are not your story. Experiences that you have and things you have accomplished in the past are not who you are today. These are things you’ve done, but these things do not define you. Many people don’t know who they are today or what they want to do today, or why they are where they are, today. They just keep repeating their “story”.

Pema suggests 3 practices as tools to help you along your journey in life. Her first pracice is to find where you’re “stuck” or “hooked” into a story or a situation that keeps repeating itself. Many of us know we are stuck, but we really don’t know how to get unstuck and the cycle of trying to move forward but getting the same results can be quite depressing.

The second practice is after you realize where you’re hooked or stuck, as you find yourself in these moments, chose an alternative path. If you don’t know what path to choose, just make it different than what your normal reaction is. At first, you’ll want to stick to what you’ve always done, but if you truly want to move forward, then your will power will take over. It all comes down to how much you’d really like to live like you’ve dreamed of living.

Become your own observer if you will. Step back in the moment and look at yourself. It was suggested to me to look into the sky and imagine my “body” up there. This simple exercise grounded me because my “body” disappeared quickly because of the vastness of the Universe surrounding me. Practice choosing an alternative path until it becomes a habit. At that point, you’ll not go back to your old self as much, it gets easier and you’ll find yourself living a life of freedom. No one can take this away from you.

At times, it’s the letting go of being right in a situation and deciding which issues you really wish to engage in, leaving your ego aside. It’s not easy, but it will get you closer to getting unstuck.

The third practice is knowing this is a lifestyle practice, it is not a one-time experience or decision. When you begin these practices, your life begins to change and your life starts to flow as it was meant. This is what it means to live “authentically”.

When you meet truly authentic people, you know it. Authenticity cannot be faked or acted. It just is. So too is becoming and knowing who you are at heart. It’s fun living from this inner place and ironically, you start to connect with like-minded people with the same core values and pretty consistently too!!!

Now, we’ll throw in a Fourth practice and this is to practice the other three as much as you can! Got you there!!!

You are not your story!

… your lifestyle is your business … margurite

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