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What is Your Definition of Accountability

What is your definition of accountability regarding yourself?

This question can actually go deeper than thinking that all one needs to be is more responsible in whatever it is their doing. I mean, are you more accountable or responsible if there is someone, perhaps your employer or teacher, watching you? Do you tend to get more done if there is a deadline at work or finals in school?

The reason this question is important to ask yourself is because if someone was not watching you, would you start skipping steps, perhaps watching more T.V., eating more than you ought, … you get what where I’m going with this. Basically, are you more accountable if your actions are for someone else?

I used to be leery about thinking about starting my own business. At first, I believed it was because I thought I wasn’t capable, but when I look back, I realize it was because I was afraid of getting lazy or stuck or skipping days, quitting … I mean, no one really would ever know because I was my own boss and I could easily “justify” my actions, right? This is what made me scared, being afraid of myself!

When I came across the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and the Digital Experts Academy (DEA) educational system, after my first few days, I knew this was the place that would keep me accountable for my growth and stay responsible with myself.

The first 3 learning modules really kick-start you into remembering what and who you are. You rediscover what makes you really happy and you begin to believe in your value to this life. Everyone has something that someone could benefit. Everyone!

The community within this ongoing, up-to-date educational program is where we keep ourselves accountable without the fear of “quitting on ourselves”. So much failure in the world is because people quit believing that their lives matter. They don’t feel worthy or they have had such a hard life, they’re just tired of trying and have decided to live a life of mere existing or “getting by”.

My mind is fresh these days and even though my two dogs are getting older and I know my days with them are numbered, I have a worldwide community right here in my room tonight that helps me to keep my focus on my goals and dreams. Fortunately, the SFM and DEA community meet “in person” several times a year all over the world and we do know each other more than just from our online coaching, mentoring and classroom activities.

So today, you might want to ask yourself if you are truly being accountable in your life or are you living a life where you might have settled on just getting through your day.

What will happen as you continue this education is that at night you will begin to create your day before you sleep and your emotions of excitement will carry you through your successful journey!

What is your definition of accountability?

I like to believe that I AM the person my dogs think I am! LOL

… your lifestyle is your business … Margurite

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