Affiliate Marketing Explained

Is Affiliate Marketing a Sales Job

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I don’t want to be one of those people that sell cheesy gimmicks or non-cheesy anything. Why?  Because, I don’t like sales, I’ve never been interested in doing anything that deals with sales of any kind.  I feel salespeople, or the ones I have had contact with, are pushy, they’re not interested in me, and not really the kind of people I would find myself hanging around with anyway.

What I’ve found myself interested in was helping people.  I always wanted to help in any way possible and if I had read an article or book or heard or seen something I thought was inspiring, I’d find myself sharing what I learned.  After all, if it helped me, perhaps it would help others.

This is what Digital Marketing is to me.  It’s a way to share with others what YOU are interested in.  It also provides opportunity for a person to sell what they, themselves have created and want to share to people that are actually looking for you.  Digital Marketing allows you to make a living doing what you love and helping others at the same time. Wow! The Digital Economy allows us to do just this and with quite ease when you have the direction and information from others that live their dreams, make a good living doing it and are truly happy.

So, no Digital Marketing, to me is not learning how to do sales but learning to bring your value to society in a great and meaningful way.  Because doing and living how you wish, making money doing what you really love, helping others and the freedom it brings on a daily basis is meant for everyone … This is true Entrepreneurship!

… your lifestyle is your business … Margurite

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