The Oregon Coast, Two Senior Dogs and a 30-foot RV

North Bend, Oregon Following the Moon

I had to stop one night in North Bend, Oregon for the most fantastic reason, the moon!

It was late, I was still driving parallel to this moonlit path that floated across the sea.  The view was magnificent and I had trouble keeping my eye on the road, the moon was fantastical!

Coco and Skylar were sleeping and the hum of the truck engine lulled as each foamy folded toward the coastline.  There are no words when describing nature.  I was reflecting my days with Skylar and our many road trips of the past.  I was grappling with the thought that our time together on this earth plane was nearing.  I was sad.  Where had seventeen years gone so quickly?  Life was hitting me hard as we quietly rolled along the coast.  I, for the first time, felt the ping of heartbreak realizing I was responsible for Skylar “to the very end” of her amazing life.

I had to stop because it was so beautiful and I needed a still moment.  As I gazed at the moon, I  pleaded with the Universe.  I was small, I was unequipped, I needed more time to understand life.  I needed the shade of the moon!

I’ve had times when I was too much in my head and I’ve learned how to quiet my mind through nature.  I soon relaxed and began my thanksgiving ritual for everything that was happening in the moment.  Not in the past, not in the future, but in the moment (which was terribly painful at the time for me). I didn’t understand and I felt out of control and I wanted to fight life.  This night, I didn’t.  These thoughts rarely ever took me anywhere but down.

I intentionally thought of everything I was thankful for in my life.  I was grateful for good times, sad times and bad times.  There was no one to blame and no regrets, which included me.  Period.

One of the ways you grow as a person is to be thankful for everything in your life.  Trust that the Universe is unfolding each day and if you can learn the skills that maintain your gentleness with yourself, you’ll live a much healthier and much happier life!!!  Be gentle with yourself, ALWAYS! 🐾🦋

I have decided to be a career adventurer.  I can do this because of the digital academy I joined which has changed my life.  I can now work for myself, enjoy time-freedom and live the life I was meant to lead.  Tonight, my conversation came by way of the moon.

… Your Lifestyle is Your Business … Margurite

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