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Setting Your Goals and Where to Start

Setting your goals and knowing where to start are vital in achieving your dreams!

Through my digital education and our coaching calls (Six Figure Mentors, SFM and Digital Experts Academy, DEA), I was listening to Stuart Ross (not Ross Stuart as I say in the video…lol) and was introduced to the terms, “end goals” and “means goals”. This was the first time I had heard or maybe I should say, that this was the first time I had actually “heard” how the process of goal setting  is created.  This process is important because you want to have your authenticity and integrity intact when you do hit your end goal(s).

When you set “end goals”, these are the big ones that take say 6 months, 12 months, 5 years, 12 years to accomplish. So, you take smaller steps and set “means goals” that will aid in accomplishing your “end goal(s)”.

While setting your goals and knowing where to start, it is pertinent that you know your priorities (see my blog on What is Your Definition of Success). Write your priorities down…now! 🙂 And, it is viable that your priorities have at the top of the list, your values, your character, your virtues. As you meet your “means goals” DO NOT give up your true priorities, even if it means that you will hit your end goal faster or quicker. It is never worth this sacrifice! Patience is a virtue and one worth exploring. Meet your end goal(s) as you plan to meet it/them while at the same time, not losing yourself. When you DO achieve your goals, without giving up your authenticity, you will be complete and ready to set higher goals and with more mature experiences and grounded happiness that is necessary to get you to the next level of success!

I’d love for you to experience the freedom and joy we all do at SFM and DEA. It’s your life, might as well live it doing what you love most!!!

So let’s start today setting your goals and knowing what they are is an important step to an incredible journey!

… Your Lifestyle is Your Business … Margurite

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