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Honoring the Process of Life

I wanted to share some special moments I enjoy with my two dogs, Coco and Skylar.  Here, they are both around 15 years old and were still are able to enjoy a normal life.  Some people are amazed that we hike 3 and 4 miles each time we go out, but as you can see, we DO take our time!!! LOL

Sometimes, Coco will go one way and Skylar the other.  It is different than it was just a couple of years ago, but the message I’d like to convey here is that there is much to learn about ourselves and life from people and pets (animals) observing, as they get older.   Honoring the process of life is an intentional action.  Like a habit, you must work on working on this process of life on a daily basis.

We are to honor this life process and take care of each other as best we can. Because an animal or person cannot function as swiftly as they used to or because they cannot hear much or see clearly any longer, this is not an excuse to “discard” or “quit caring” for these animals or people. I see way too many “senior” animals discarded just because, “they’re not fun anymore” or “we want a new puppy”. The way you treat life, is the way life treats you right back. So, when experiences change, change with these same experiences with an attitude of gratitude.

This attitude of gratitude is also pertinent when dealing with elderly people. Many people fear age and therefore, when they “see” it, perhaps on a daily basis, it causes them to face their own mortality and they don’t know how to feel or they feel out of control and scared.

A good place to start when you might be fearing “life and the life process” is through meditation and breathing and feeling what is facing you right then and there. “Being” in the moment is a learned art form of living. One book that has helped me be at peace with the life process is This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes.

It is wise to find the joy in serving and being in the presence of senior people and animals. Life is to be honored no matter how young or old anything is. Honoring the process of life is also a process of managing your fears of life.  Addressing any fears you might be entertaining is also a means toward your overall success in everything you do!

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Honoring the process of life is honoring you and all that surrounds you.

… your lifestyle is your business … Margurite

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