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Quit Fighting Life

Quit fighting life and lean into it!

We all have the same sunrises and the same sunsets. Depending on where you are in the world, you either see the sunsets as gorgeous as I do in Malibu, or you see cloud cover. And, I love cloud cover as well!

The sun is still there, but sometimes our experiences are different because of the way we “perceive” the sunset. I know some people that are miserable and if they looked out, they’d see the gorgeous beauty all around them. But, their focus is on how awful things are so all they perceive are significantly more dark days. They find themselves surrounded by the same people who are seemingly stuck in the same mundane routine over and over and over again.

For me, I used to “fight” life. I would wake up many days and feel all the bad things that were going on and I vowed to change these things, or attempt to change what other’s thought or even further, attempted on telling others how to live. This was arrogant of me and thoughtless really. How did I really know what another was thinking or feeling or how many obstacles had come into their lives that were truly difficult to handle? How did they handle them, did I fundamentally know? And, in reality, who was another person to tell me how I “should” feel?

This is why I suggest that people lean into whatever faces them in each moment. Sometimes, you just wake up sad (before you’ve even had a chance to wake up)! It’s as if someone just gave you a “downer” shot. I used to fight all day against lower vibrational days, but then I learned how to lean into my experiences. By leaning into how I was feeling, instead of fighting these feelings (seemingly all day long), I found that I was more gentle with myself and not so frustrated during the course of the day. I certainly was not completely exhausted at trying to change how I felt all day long! I eventually learned that by acknowledging my feelings and leaning into them, I could really have a good day.

What I have found is that some kind of community (for me it is the Six Figure Mentors SFM and the Digital Experts Academy DEA educational programs) where you can find people that are going through the same kind of feelings and are comfortable enough to share in the classroom their goods days and bad, makes all the difference. It’s all the journey of life! Don’t take life too seriously!

I say, why not step into your day, do the best that YOU can and if someone asks you how you manage to have better days than others, then share. Your energy alone can lift the mood of an entire room; you don’t need to preach how much better you are than others, because basically, we are all the same. Many, including myself, have learned the tool of finding what their responsibility is in every situation (pleasant or not) and leaning into that particular day and all the while, being gentle within themselves. Taking those big breaths of life, no matter what direction your day seems to be going is a key to happiness.

Quit fighting life and lean into it!

… your lifestyle is your business … Margurite

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