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Penguins Taking the Rope

Have you ever seen Penguins taking the rope??? LOL

When I first saw this video, I was absolutely amazed, truly amazed! I mean, at first I thought … wow, their feet don’t really go up and they don’t seem to have legs at all, their heads are bobbing with the rope motion…and their bellies seem to be in the way and how do they even survive at all!!!??? Then, I saw that the little Penguins watched the larger ones and how they fared (which was iffy at best), but did observe they were determined to get over to the other side.

The first penguin seemed over quite easily, but then there were a couple that got their feet caught in the rope, panicked and one ran to the back of the line. The larger one in the front, watched then hesitated, watched again as others tried and even though falling and squawking, made it over without injury, so he finally gave it a go and quite uneventfully! Many fell on their bellies, but got up and kept moving forward. The others then began their own attempts and though the video ends, I am pretty confident that all of the penguins made it over the rope just fine.

Though I felt intrigued by how penguins function, I observed how each penguin, though they all pretty much looked the same, approached the rope differently. Some went right over, some hesitated, some got caught in the rope, got up and moved on, some got caught in the rope and ran back … it made me laugh and then it made me root the others that were slow to try because I knew the rope wouldn’t hurt them and I knew that ultimately, they would all make it safely to the other side.

This is much like life. We all have our time-frames where we go forward, or we try and run back or we watch others and do nothing for a while … but, ultimately we all have to do what we need to on our own. Others can be there to mentor you, but ultimately you have to make the decision to move, to try. And, when we watch others and think that they somehow are different and we cannot possibly do anything like that, we become our own enemy and no one else is to blame if we stay in this mindset. So, don’t go there.

So, if you have a dream, do whatever you can to get with right-minded people … to get to the other side. Sometimes, your friends will keep you where you are and you might have to find new friends. It’s not a bad thing and it doesn’t mean you are better than anyone…it just means that you are doing what you need to do to follow your dreams. When you do something to better yourself and keep your values and integrity intact, then when you do make it to “the other side”, you will be able to continue forward confidently and all the while never losing who you truly are.

On a wise note, surround yourselves with loving, gentle and successful people that are here to help but not here to take or have any interest in taking “you” away from “you”. True happiness is knowing and being who you are and being in the company of others that know who they are and compliment who you are. We do need to have the company of others so that we continue to learn, but being able not to be afraid of being alone is a step toward wholeness.

So, let’s be like those penguins taking the rope today!

…your lifestyle is your business … Margurite

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