The Oregon Coast, Two Senior Dogs and a 30-foot RV

Background Story of Why: The Oregon Coast, Senior Dogs and RV

The background story of why I was traveling down the Oregon Coast with two senior dogs in a 30-foot RV

This video was taken right after my adventure with my two senior dogs, Coco and Skylar down the Oregon Coast (from Washington to California) in a 30-foot RV.

Not every story begins with a pleasant situation and this one is no different, but the trip that I took with my 16 and 17 year-old dogs is one I’m am forever grateful for and will always cherish these memories.  I couldn’t be luckier!

The featured image is of my two senior dogs, CoCo the chocolate lab and Skylar, the Aussie-mix.  They were together for 14 years and had my back through thick and thin all throughout!!!

Even though it was time for us to leave the situation in Washington, in my heart I was thrilled to be getting back on track to finding an environment that was not toxic.  This is important for anyone reading this because your life literally depends on what you choose your environment to be!!!

I am getting to know such wonderful people and I am happy even though it’s been a rough 4 months.

The lesson here is to never give up even if you are in a situation that has to change. Know you are going to be alright because you’re alright now!

If you follow my blog on “The Oregon Coast in a 30-foot RV”, you will see what a wonderful adventure it truly was!!!

Since this day, I have started my own wine touring business ( and I am continuing my online business education through

If you don’t know exactly where to start, wake up being thankful!!!

Follow us as we adventure!

Forever Grateful!
Your Lifestyle is Your Business
Margurite, CoCo and Skylar

My First Day in the Driver’s Seat of the 30-foot RV

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