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Know When to Say No!

Know When to Say No!

I was practicing with my group (Six Figure Mentors) and though making videos are not at all a requirement, I wanted to learn more personally so I sat down and shared. Though this video is dark and a bit shaky, the message was worth saving. The art of when to say “No” is a life tool that will dramatically change your life.  So know no, the art of making better decisions and you will find a much more happier one.

When you find yourself in a situation where you either feel the overwhelming sensation of “why is this happening … again” feeling, the first and perhaps the hardest step to do is ask yourself, what part did I have in all of this? Where is my responsibility here? The reason for stepping back and taking the responsibility gets you where you need to be quicker in life. Blaming someone else will always keep you stuck. So, maybe it’s a selfish thing, but then again, if you’re willing to better yourself without blaming everyone around you, then you do become a much wiser and happier individual and everyone benefits whether directly or indirectly.

Now, I understand that some people are truly mentally ill and/or suffer not knowing healthy boundaries. So, there is no rhyme or reason in their actions but, here they are in your space. Still, the lesson is to know when to say no. Maybe you were trying to be polite and you thought you could somehow overcome their inconsistencies so you said yes when you should have said a very polite no. I used to say a reluctant yes most all of the time (thinking I could outsmart any outcome) and then, once again wonder how I was seemingly in the same situation that I had seen myself in many times before. By learning first not to blame anyone and immediately taking responsibility for my part, I was and am able to see where, perhaps months earlier, I should have made a firm decision of saying no while moving forward without hesitation. This is what I consistently do today and have never been happier. I trust myself to make a good decision and if it could have been better made, I don’t kick myself, but acknowledge that next time, I’ll make a better choice. I just move on from that point.

Taking the time to learn more about yourself will help you in situations when you need to make a solid decision. Everyday is a new day and not repeating some decisions is a great key for growth. Growth creates an avenue of happiness, happiness takes down some unnecessary walls, not to mention that true happiness is contagious!

Know when to say no and learn the art of making better decisions!  Your life will be so much better!

… your lifestyle is your business … Margurite

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