How It Works

Whether we like it or not, WE ALL LIVE IN A DIGITAL WORLD, but how does it work with a lifestyle of time-freedom?

Look around, most everyone has a phone and/or has an internet connection!  We live in a world where there are automated systems.  I personally love to talk to a real person, especially when all I need is one question answered.  Many times, I get through the prompts and boom, disconnected!!!  This is why I love what I do online because I actually have “real” conversations with “real” people.

However, the best part of this digital world is time-freedom like never before!!!  I owned a “brick-n-mortar” business (a restaurant) which I loved, but I put in about 100+ hours a week and needed to clear at least $15K to pay just for monthly utilities!  I loved my work, but I had no time to do anything else.  And, before I knew it, it was 14 years later and I felt I had lost over a decade of truly free life and being with friends and family.

SFM (Six Figure Mentors) was created by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek with the purpose of helping others build and run a successful online business. With this they can gain there desired time and financial freedom.

I personally gave myself a 5 year plan.  Because, just like any successful business, I knew this was realistically, not an overnight success.  I didn’t mind.  I was determined that I wasn’t going to be 5 year older and basically, in the same place.

I will point out that if you look at my content and videos, you can certainly notice that I’m getting more comfortable in my life.  Also, my 5 year plan is getting here early!!!

Meet Stuart Ross – Co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors

Your Lifestyle is Your Business!

Please contact me and let me help you get started on a new lifestyle today!!!  I am a real person!!!  ❤

Margurite ❤ 💜 ❤

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