Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Horses and Sunsets: chapter two

Three Horses and the Santa Teresa, Sunset

I could not get over how many beloved animals there were that were well taken care of in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica!  My first sunset I saw three beautiful horses with their owners casually taking in the sunset while walking along the beach.  I didn’t know at that moment, but this same ritual happened every evening like clockwork!  Oh, what a sight to remember!

I grew up in the Ozarks, but was one that never had a horse.  Though many of my friends grew up on farms, I did not.  However, this did not keep me from loving animals, both great and small!!!

I am in such amazement when I see horses and I honor these majestic creatures!  Watching these three horses with the sunset backdrop was a sight that is forever in my mind.  Peaceful and powerful, quiet and collective.  I must strive for this, I thought.  How do I capture this in my heart?  How do I hang-on to this feeling?

As they walked away in the distance, I was met one-on-one with the sunset.  What was being said to me?  What path would I find myself following after Santa Teresa?  How was I going to show up in life?

It was then that I made a commitment to focus on love.  Loving the good days as well as what I might have before perceived as bad, loving each moment, whether happy or sad, and honoring life, no matter if I was treated poorly.

I dedicated this journey in Santa Teresa as one of Love.  It was time for me to “step up the the plate” for this challenge.  At this point, I had no idea what was in store for me during my month’s stay in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

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