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How to Get Rid of Emotional Clutter

Habits are learned and most times, do not necessarily come naturally.

When you start the process of decluttering, and you are determined enough to get rid of old things, no longer needed materials and all that “clutter” once and for all it can be an overwhelming feat!  It seems easy in theory, but then there comes the emotional baggage that is attached to your material items!

Below are books that will also show you how to move swiftly through this process.  What holds us hostage are the attached emotions!  Finally, as you learn how to get rid of emotional clutter, you will see breakthroughs in all areas of your life!

You will find yourself detached from your past and you now have room to create anew!!! It’s really this simple!

I am sharing tools that have helped me create a digital life and simultaneously, a balanced lifestyle.

A digital business is highly optimized when you are working from an organized and clear place (both physical and mental).  This ensures you have “creative space” to complete your goals for the day, month, year, etc.

Below is Phase 1 of my decluttering which I did almost 2 years ago.  The picture above is Phase 2 which was the downsize of my first declutter.

As uncomfortable as I am in my clutter in this video, I am now in a lifestyle space that I used to just dream of.  So, yes, I’m going to share my days of clutter because this too, will help you get going!!!

Here I am in my basement bedroom, clearing out every single area of clutter that has to be attended for me to make room in my life to attract new experiences! I’ve got desks, bed set, shelves, etc. To be honest, I was really struggling because I was just overwhelmed and all alone!!!  I also had a lot of “emotional clutter” that kept me emotionally “stuck” which made this process for me even more difficult!

I am thankful for the Six Figure Mentor (SFM) educational series (my digital “real time” academy) on this very subject and YES, I was finally ready to get through this dang process!

I think we’ve all been here.  It’s the “starting” that stops us!  “The secret of getting ahead is getting started … ” Mark Twain

A wonderful book that has helped me is,  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.

In the video above, as I sit amidst all of these items, I am also listening to Evolve Your Brain by Joe Dispenza, D.C. If you are ready to start bringing in more good in your life, get rid of the old! No one can truly do this but YOU!!!

… Your Lifestyle is Your Business … Margurite

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