Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

First Day in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica: chapter one

My First Day In Costa Rica

I was in awe as we flew over the ocean toward our destination, Santa Teresa!  The small charter was captained by two very lovely pilots that flew low so we could get nicer photos from the plane.  They were so very friendly and welcoming, I was almost caught off guard by such personal hospitality from the commercial outfit, Sansa Air.  The peaceful Costa Rican culture was evident from the beginning!

We saw many amazing sites during the 25 minute ride to Tambor Airport!  As you can see, this is probably the tiniest airports you might ever travel to.  The people there were just as friendly as they were in San Jose, the main airport that we flew into from the United States.  I couldn’t be happier!!!

We then took about a 30 minute taxi into Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  This is where I stayed for almost a month.  I was in a peaceful place and my body felt it!!!  I was in paradise!

Casa Dewa, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

We arrived at our casa and I ran to the beach which was just feet away!!!  I was grateful and felt very blessed to be there.  A new beginning was stirring in my heart!!!  The people I was with, the people in the village, the people at the beach, the wildlife all around me, the healthy and playful dogs, cats and horses that were freely roaming and playing, it was just all surreal!!!  I stated to myself that I was going to learn how to live in rhythm to the same gentle vibe that surrounded me!  I wasn’t going to look back, but do everything I could do to stay in the moment!

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I thought I would be able to write more in Santa Teresa, but I was in awe so much of the time, I just wanted to continue to explore and take in such beauty which was all around me!  So, I did the next best thing which was to take as many pictures as I could!  I wanted to remember the people, the wildlife and as many adventures as possible!!!

My stories from Santa Teresa will go on forever (quite possibly fact I do believe) as I am just now looking at all of my photos and my heart is again, just so full!

Where you may be today, be very thankful … no matter what!!!

… Your Lifestyle is Your Business … Margurite

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