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Fear or Gratitude, It can Never be Both

Do you approach life through fear or through gratitude?

I walk my dogs, Coco and Skylar every day. Sometimes, we are near the ocean and sometimes on a mountain. And, during these walks, I do a “walking meditation”. Now, I have a lot I suppose, that I could fear about and I have a lot I can be thankful for in my life, but I do my best on focusing on my “thanksgivings”.  My fear thoughts get me absolutely nowhere!

It seems easier said than done, but why not concentrate on gratitude as much as you can and just don’t give any attention to fear thinking or fear thoughts.  Trying to figure out what’s really going to happen or worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet is truly a waste of time anyway.

Overcoming fear doesn’t just happen automatically, it is a lifestyle habit as a result of deliberate intention and a conscious action of actually facing your fears.  And, again, these fears subside when you don’t put energy into them.

Here are 3 steps that can get you immediately out of your fear and into a more relaxed state of mind:

  1.  Watch your breath.  Begin to breathe slower and deeper and if you’re on a walk or hike, take in the outdoors as if you were on top of the world!  See what’s around you, hear what’s around you, feel what’s around you.
  2. As you start to focus on your breathing and on pleasant thoughts, begin to picture what it would be like to be in that perfect space in your imagination.  Where are you?  How does it feel, what do you smell, who is there, how do you look?  These thoughts of being in a great place and space will bring to you deeper feelings of gratitude. Remember these feelings over and over.  Learn these feelings, memorize them over and over.  You create your life by creating it in your mind first.  So, these feelings are extremely important to remember.
  3. Become your own observer.  Look at “you” through gentle eyes.  The art of becoming your own observer gives you a beat or a pattern interrupt if you find your thoughts racing.  The more you become your observer, the easier it gets and soon becomes an automatic (self-action) of focusing on the good and not a culmination subtle fears.

You will find that the more you focus on your thanksgivings and good, then your fears don’t stand a chance.  They don’t!  They just don’t do anyone any good in the first place.  You do need to be living an authentic life, with good intentions because you attract to you what you think you deserve.

So, the above exercise is set up so that your thought processes become a lifestyle habit.  Habits, do not require any more thinking when you’re at this stage because your concentrated efforts have already been done.  You’re not ignoring your fears, you just don’t place any energy into them.

I am a student of the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and the Digital Experts Academy (DEA) and sometimes, I could let my thoughts run to the fear side of this amazing learning….but, with the help of the community, I am able to laugh at my mistakes and, at times, slow growth, but by focusing on the good in this education, I can see real progress and am enjoying my life tremendously along the way!  I don’t get caught up in whatever fear there might be in my head.

Remember that you focus on Fear or Gratitude, it can never be both!

Each of us here have different goals and dreams.  As I continue to hone on my digital education so that I can fulfill my dreams in a massive way, you might also check it out for yourself.  In any event, focusing on your thanksgivings will always be the way to go in any situation! You can click on this if you want to know more about the SFM educational program.  There are endless opportunities to be able to live and do exactly what YOU want to do!

…your lifestyle is your business … margurite

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