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Decisions are Made in the Now

Decisions are made in the now.

Choices you make today, affect you “today”. Though, it may seem that you might be in a so-called “bad situation”, this is a result of decisions that you have progressively made up to this point (on a daily basis). So the question you should be asking is what is my responsibility for being in this circumstance today?  What choices am I making today?

You could spend your time trying to figure out who “out there” got you in the predicament you’re in, but really, the focus on what part did you have in creating this particular circumstance will get you closer to the real issue at hand and what would have been the better choice YOU could have made. Then, you go on with your life all the while being very gentle with yourself.

Good choices, bad choices, better choices are all a matter of perspective and a good choice today might have been a bad choice yesterday. This is why it is also important to be as authentic as you can each moment and be an observer on how you show up to the world each day. If you’ve gotten away with being a certain way, but only you know you’re not being really truthful from within, you at some point will have to face the truth of who you are. Hiding from “you” doesn’t just go away if you don’t address or think about it. You, at some point in your life will have to face yourself. You will need to “show up” in life or one day, you’ll find yourself very lost! Why not get to your issues today? Why wait? You don’t ever need to do this journey alone as everyone at some point in their lives always needs to check themselves regarding authenticity or being real.

Some of the initial lessons from the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and from the Digital Experts Academy (DEA) had me look at who I really was or am and what I did forget “somewhere along the way” and/or want today. Along with learning the tools to pull out my deepest fears and approach them and crush them, I rediscovered some incredible dreams that I had forgotten long ago. Finally, I felt and feel free again. Only this time, I know how to keep up within myself and not get caught in the fear that once shrouded my truest and highest self.

Remember, more money just makes you more of what you are already. If you’re lost and have no genuine purpose in life and you come into some extraordinary money, you better believe you’ll be even more lost and have no idea where to begin to be genuine. So, if you’re serious about yourself, then step up to the plate because your life is about to change in an extraordinary way!

Get real today, get going today and enjoy the ride “today”!!!

Remember that decisions are made in the NOW!

… your lifestyle is your business … Margurite

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