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Create your life through our digital academy and learn to do what you love and make this your career lifestyle.

As I am working on my digital business and while I’m in wine country, I thought I’d create my own wine tour site to meet new people, hear their stories, learn about wine and wine making, learn more about photography and enjoy my moments with CoCo, as many of these tasting rooms are dog friendly and the countryside with CoCo by my side is so amazing!

You can do what you love and make it your career.  When I was growing up, this was not true.  It is now.

I am so very grateful that I took the step to better my life.  I wanted to help certain charities and volunteer for those in need, but I “had to go to work” or I had to ask off of work.  Most times, I could not call into work because I needed the money.  I am from America, the land of the free.  We have it good here, yet most of use struggle to make end’s meet.

I made this video about how one doesn’t have to choose to be a blogger (like me) to have an online presence.  You can take your desires and make your career out of what comes naturally to YOU.  Our online academy helps you find your passions and then through mentors, coaches and an amazing community, helps you learn the skills that are necessary for success.

This is the business side of an online presence.  If you are dedicated to a plan to better your lives (as you do your current jobs), then this is definitely for you.  Only if you’re ready to change your lives!

If you would like to know more about my digital lifestyle and how I am creating more time-freedom, and perhaps, you’d like to learn how you can do what you love and create a more time-friendly lifestyle … visit my digital blogging website, and contact me!

Have an awesome day and be thankful for everything in your life!

Your Lifestyle is Your Business!

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