Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Costa Rican Breakfasts: chapter three

A Costa Rican Breakfast

I was visiting the women that were preparing a typical, Costa Rican breakfast.  These meals were deliciously made of amazing fresh fruit which included organic papaya, watermelon, pineapple, mango, melons just to name a few.  Also included were the costa rican staples, starting with awesome homegrown coffee, homemade gluten free tortillas, plantains, sliced avocados, tostadas, beans, Lizano salsa to name just a few!

The gals that made our breakfasts so special are pictured below and I cannot express how lovely and friendly their hospitality was each morning!  They look so serious here (probably because they knew I was filming)!!! I told them to be themselves but they were so very shy!!! We had a very good laugh after this!!! I cannot wait to see them again!!!  They are simply amazing!!! I miss them!

Though they were serving us this day, I was doing my best to “serve” them with love and kindness.  Too many people forget to say thank you or even make eye contact with others because they are too caught within themselves and that’s about all they can think about, themselves.

I’ve spent many years trying to better myself and I’m not perfect, but if you get anything out of this blog, remember to be thankful in everything even if you’re having a “so-called” bad day.

Life happens to everyone.  It is the nature of this planet.  You can observe it in nature all the time.  Sometimes it rains and other times the sun is so brilliant, you bask in it like there’s no tomorrow.

No matter where you are in your life today, create it as early as possible in your day.  Possibly before you have breakfast, meditate and watch yourself in your mind how you are to approach your day.  How do you want to feel, how do you show up, who are you going to forgive, how are you going to do this?  Then spend as much time as you can, as you’re getting out of bed on your way to the shower or getting dressed, being truly grateful for every single thing in your life.  Then be thankful for the things that are on their way to you, knowing your heart and passions are being answered.

I’ll be bold to say, that that special relationship for me is heading my way.  I’m going to be adored and I am going to adore this wonderful person in my life.  I am going to be inspired by this person and this person is going to be inspired by me.  I am going to accept this person and this person is going to accept me in all situations, knowing we are both doing our best in that particular moment. I am going to be my happy self and they are going to be even happier.  I can’t wait!

To have a perfect relationship is allowing each other to be themselves, trusting that they are challenging their hearts to become fuller, when they face those fears that come up daily.  Courageous people are the most vulnerable.  Cowards are easy to see.  Bless the cowardice and continue to find your kindness and strength but keep moving onward.

I will remember these Costa Rican “strong” women that were and are so gracious.  I will remember our laughter.  I will remember our language barrier (I’m working on my Spanish), and I will remember bless them daily.

I never knew how enlightening Costa Rican breakfasts were!!!

I am able to experience other cultures and cities because of my digital education with The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and the Digital Experts Academy (DEA).  If you want to learn how to turn your passions into a career, you can click the button at the side.  You can certainly contact me too!!!

Have a wonderful day creating your day!

… Your Lifestyle is Your Business … Margurite

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