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Begin with Thank You

Begin with thank you!

Wake up in the morning with a smile!  Say out loud, “thank you for wisdom, thank you for understanding, thank you for grace, thank you for kindness, thank you for parents, thank you for sisters, thank you for brothers, thank you for family, thank you for pets, thank you for life, thank you for water, thank you for birds, thank you for sunshine, thank you for air, thank you for love, thank you for prosperity, thank you for peace!”  Just say thank you!!! Say thank you for what is already yours.  This is how I live my life! And, this process has changed me for the better!

Stop thinking that life happens “to you”!!! Life happens “for you”!!!

How do you finish, “I am …”?  I am blessed!  I am thankful!  I am grateful!  I am thoughtful!  I am generous!  I am determined!  I am humbled!  I am curious!  I am bold!  I am at peace!  I am strong!  I am confident! I am worthy!

These thoughts should be your first when you awake and last, when you go to sleep.  Make the habit of thinking positive thoughts when you start to fade into feelings of unworthiness, hopelessness, sadness.  These emotions don’t carry you through your day very well and quite frankly, these feelings only attract more of these feelings and the people that resonate these feelings!

If you want to break the habit of feeling down all the time, start thinking about anything and everything you are thankful for!!!  EVERYTHING is included too!!!

I happen to have lived with a drug addict!  What a sad and selfish life!  However, when I think about that time (which is rarely now), I honor myself for rising up and having the courage to seek higher ground!!!  This happens when you first forgive that person.  This does not condone their antics!  What this forgiveness work does is release yourself from this attachment so that it doesn’t follow you into your next relationship with anyone else.

Have you heard of “baggage” that is carried from your past?  This is the baggage that you do not want to keep dragging around!!! This baggage is full of stuff like anger, frustration, blame and hatred.

Forgive and move on!!! Forgive and know that the people that you are resonating with (as you move emotionally forward) are stepping up to the plate with you and/or they are on their way to you!!!

Believe me, when you encounter those that are stuck with their baggage that they have been carrying heavily for most of their lives, you will find (emotionally feel) that you DO NOT want to hang with them!!!  As you work through forgiveness, you will find yourself, avoiding those people and those familiar, certain situations!!! You will start observing yourself following your heart and here is where you want to be.

Congratulations!  You’re on to the next chapter and your next adventure you encounter will continue with even more love along with greatness and ease!!!

You will see that that “thing you want to do”, that “passion you wish to create’, that “desire that burns within your heart” is an indication that it’s YOURS to pursue!!!  YOU own it and with the correct mind-set, you can have it!!! You can have anything you create to achieve.

You see it, you feel it before it occurs!  Envision your perfect day over and over!!! … that was the most incredible day!!!  Do not wait until the end of your life to have that day.  Show up as who you want to be.  How you show up (before the event happens) is who you are!!! Make your life count!!! Give, give, give love, peace, a solid listen, a pat on the back, a smile, a hug, a complement, a thank you, an apology.

There will be days when you wonder what your life’s purpose is supposed to be.  Some days will be harder than others.  Keep being thankful, focus on someone that needs words of compassion, of love.  Give them compassion and love.

And, as you work on something greater than yourself, you find meaning and purpose.  When you keep people at the center of what you do, you have a tremendous impact on life!!! Focus on this!!! We are all part of a larger self!

Take any negative abuse toward yourself away!!!  Be gentle and kind to yourself and know you are perfect just the way you are!

Continue to stay away from negativity!  Run, run, run far away from negative people!  Be a person of positive thinking, of positive action!!!

You’re still here, you get another chance to live better and to be better … to live what you were created to fulfill.  Be your unique self and be happy as you are.  Be happy and watch your day transform!!!  No matter what, you be thankful in everything.  Life happens!!! Change happens!!! Flow with it, lean into it, glide with it and ride with it!!!

Enjoy what life has to offer and give back to life.  Life loves you when you love life back!!!

I am able to be free because I choose to be.  I live a lifestyle that provides for me an outlet that has direction and balance.  I am supported by friends and my digital academy community on a daily basis.  I am sort of a misfit at times, but I don’t feel out of place.  It’s an amazing feeling!

Today, I am happy.

… Your Lifestyle is Your Business … Margurite

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