The Oregon Coast, Two Senior Dogs and a 30-foot RV

30 Foot RV, Two Dogs, Oregon Coast and the “shoe tree”

The Shoe Tree

As I was making our way down the Oregon Coast, in a 30-foot RV, with my two senior dogs, CoCo and Skylar, we passed a tree with hundreds of shoes hanging from the branches!!! I had to look twice because we were also traveling on the winding road in the Shasta Wilderness and I wasn’t able to take a second glance!!!

CoCo! Skylar!!! Did you gals see that!!!???
Fortunately, there was a turn-out ahead and I quickly pulled over!!! What was this tree about in the middle of “where”?
The terrain was a bit treacherous, so I left CoCo and Skylar in the RV and walked back to what I now call, the “shoe tree”.
This particular tree was fascinating to me. There were pairs of every kind of shoe or boot you could imagine hanging on from almost every branch. And, most of the shoes looked fairly new.
Curiosity fueled, my mind went in all directions as to what the back-end story was regarding this tree. Did these shoes belong to a high school graduating class celebrating their freedom? Or was this a tribute to a beloved friend? Or, did these shoes belong to the lone passer-by’s traveling this desolate road “somewhere” in the Shasta Wilderness?
I was tempted to find a pair of my shoes and throw them to an emptier branch. Would I be interfering with the original intent? Did I even have any extra shoes that I could discard? Well, no. So, that was that!
I took these pictures of the infamous “shoe tree” in the hopes that it brings questions to you as well. Questions about others, questions that, for me, touch the heart.  
The slowing down time to contemplate unusual sightings is medicinal to me and perhaps, you. Make the time to be still. I find that the first thing I do in the morning is spend an hour in thanksgiving and meditation. First thing!!!
Make it a point to slow down and find your passion on a daily basis!!! You will be much happier and healthier! You will also be able to handle anything that comes your way! Anything!!!
It also helped me to challenge myself to take a trip with my awesome dogs in a 30-foot RV down the Oregon Coast!!
Margurite LaLonde, Skylar and CoCo 💜🐾💜

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